Fume, dust and sewage treatment

CRM department hold the spirit "your satisfaction is our pursuit", arrange excellent on-site commissioning technical personnel to instruct knowledge include structural principles, use and maintenance of dust removal as per customers demand.


1.User training is an important part of after-sales service,  necessary for each personnel. Importanly user training is related to long-term safe, stable and efficient operation.


2.Service personnel should initiative listen to the user's training requirements, make a complete training plan according to the requirements and actual situation on the site,so that easily to understand.


3.Main points as followings:


a. To introduce company profile, product structure and characteristics, responsibilities, business scope, especially large and small repair business, spare parts supply etc.


b.To introduce clearly about equipment mechanism.


c. To introduce clearly about product characteristics and wiring methods, commissioning methods according to on-site equipment condition.


d. To introduce clearly about pre-shipment inspection items of equipment, referred to report list.


4. Commissioning training plan as followings:


a. Pre-shipment inspection items of equipment, referred to report list.


b. How to adjust the operation of the equipment to the best condition according to the actual situation.


c. Common failure phenomena and resolvement of equipment, such as open, short, overcurrent.


d. Introduce the factors that affect dust removal efficiency.


e. To remind the phenomenon of ash blocking, emergency measures and hazards in particular.


5. Maintenance training plan as followings:

  • To introduce reasons of the fault and analyze from the principle.

  • Normal methods to prevent failure from occurring and on-site treatment methods.


6. Invite users to join in commissioning and maintenance, through on-site technical communications, on-site training during services, in orde to improve the level of users.


7. To fill in the user training feedback sheet, signed by the user, shall be provided in duplicate.

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