Fume, dust and sewage treatment

After-sales service model

1. Online knowledge base

Customers may review and download manuals, solutions, technical support, engineering cases and other product and technical information from company website.

2. Hotline

In the event of any failure, you can call the following customer service hotline, our customer service staff will asap establish maintenance requirements records, and after-sales engineers must provide customers with remote troubleshooting services within 24 hours.

3. On-site maintenance and repair

If the telephone remote can not be resolved, after-sales engineers will rush to the site system to troubleshoot the cause of the failure as quickly as we can.

4. Complaints and suggestions

Ms. Liu: 86 133 2099 1556

After-sales commitment

During the warranty period, all after-sales service is provided free of charge.

Provide customers with spare parts based on long-term.

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